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Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream is super easy to make with only three ingredients and no churn or ice maker needed! Rich, silky, and with intense mango flavor, it’s the perfect year-round treat!

Mango Ice Cream
                                                              Mango Ice Cream

I’ve been posting a lot of no-churn ice creams on my other blog, Onion Rings and Things, so I thought I’ll bring a bit of the fun here on Kawaling Pinoy.

You guys, I hate making tall statements but I have to say, this no-churn mango ice cream is hands down the richest, silkiest, and with the most intense mango flavor ice cream you’ll ever taste! In my opinion, it beats any of the commercial brands you can buy out there

Unlike store bought that is loaded with a long list of chemicals and additives, this homemade version has only four ingredients. You can actually smell the sweet fragrance of fresh mangos every time you take a spoonful!

Insanely delicious and ridiculously easy to make, this mango ice cream will very well be your next favorite summer addiction. It takes but five minutes of prep time and no churning or ice cream maker is needed. Really, the only difficult part of making your own ice cream at home is waiting for the delicious concoction to freeze!

Helpful Tips

  • To ensure that the mixture whips up to a good volume, make sure the ingredients are very cold. Chill the condensed milk in the fridge along with the heavy cream. I also like to place the beaters and the mixing bowl in the freezer for about 30 minutes before use.
  • Use Manila mangoes which are indisputably the best mango in the world! They’re sweet, aromatic, and less fibrous. If you can’t find them in the U.S., the closest cultivar is the Ataulfo mangoes.
  • The food color is more for aesthetic than flavor but although optional, a few drops really make the ice cream more appetizing.
  • When you transfer the mixture to a freezer-safe container, lightly press plastic film on the surface of the mixture to prevent crystallization.

How to serve and store

  • For best results, serve this homemade mango ice cream frozen. Enjoy in a cup or on a cone for a refreshing tropical year-round treat.
  • Do not leave the ice cream outside of the freezer longer than needed as refreezing partially melted ice cream can cause crystallization. Store the ice cream at the very back of the freezer where it’s coldest and temperature most stable.
  • Cover tightly to prevent it from crystallizing and absorbing other odors in the freezer.

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