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Convert Cash-On-Delivery Customers Into Digital Payers With Payment Links

Convert Cash-On-Delivery Customers Into Digital Payers With Payment Links
Convert Cash-On-Delivery Customers Into Digital Payers With Payment Links

India is growing digitally. This is true. A lot of us have access to the internet now then we did a couple of years ago. We are also using the internet for a lot of different things than we did earlier. One of these things is transacting digitally.

There is enough data out there to show that Indians are making payments and accepting payments a lot more with every passing month. The fact that there are a wide variety of payment options available today is also enabling us to transact digitally a lot more.

But while digital transactions are on the rise, it is also true that cash is still king.

Despite the convenience of digital payments, a large number of people still want to use cash. Of course, for a business, digital transactions make life a lot easier. As a business, you would want your customers to pay you digitally.

Your processes become easier for you when they do.  But how do you get someone who prefers to use cash to transact online?

One easy way of doing that is using Razorpay’s Payment Links.

How do Payment Links work?

Let’s say a customer buys an item from your website and chooses the cash-on-delivery option as the payment mode. Now, once you accept the order and while it is getting shipped from the warehouse, you can send the customer a Razorpay Payment Link to make the payment online while they wait for the order to be fulfilled.

Your customer can choose any of the available options like cards, netbanking, UPI or wallets by clicking on the Payment Link.

How to Set up an Efficient Online Store

It’s simpler for them and better for you, isn’t it?

Creating a Payment Link is very easy using the Razorpay Dashboard. All you have to do is log in to your Razorpay Dashboard and create a Payment Link. This link can then be shared easily with a specific customer or with multiple customers.

The best thing is that you can integrate Razorpay Payment Links with your chatbot. This integration will save you a huge amount of time and effort. It makes sharing links with specific customers very easy.

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Razorpay Payment Links come with a host features.

  • Social media sharing
  • Partial payment acceptance
  • Zero payment gateway integration

The cherry on the cake is that there is no additional charge or fee to create payment links. The standard transaction fee of 2% on the transaction amount is applicable.

That’s it! So, go ahead and use Razorpay Payment Links to turn your cash-on-delivery customers into digital transactors.


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